How do storage heaters work?

Storage heaters allow you to use cheaper, off-peak energy to heat your home.

Similar to a rechargeable battery, storage heaters operate by charging the bricks in your heater, usually clay or ceramic, during off-peak electricity periods.  This is usually overnight, when electricity rates are cheaper, and the heaters are then set to release the heat the following day.

Storage heaters have controls on them which allow you to decide how quickly you want them to release their stored heat for example setting it to low often means that the heat will be released more slowly. 

What is the Radio Teleswitch (RTS) and why are they turning it off?

Your electricity meter uses a Radio Teleswitch (RTS) to tell your storage heaters when to charge and when your hot-water heater should switch on.

The BBC radio service that controls the radio-Tele switch signal is being phased out and is planned to end on 30 June 2025, much like all forms of analogue radio. 

Because it is being switched off, we need to replace the radio-tele switches (RTS)with new digital switches so that your heating systems will continue to work.  If we do not replace them before the analogue system is switched off, then your heating will stop working and your hot water tank will not heat up.

What are we replacing your heating and hot water controls with? 

After significant research, we settled upon the Connected Response controls. These controls offer a smart charging solution for households with electric storage heaters and hot water tank systems.

Their smart heating controls provide personalised charging optimisation, giving you the flexibility to decide when you want to be warm and how warm you want to be.

These controls offer greater control over your heating and hot water, potentially enabling you to decrease your energy usage and improve comfort in your home.

How does it work?

The Connected Response system consists of a Smart Load Control Switch that is installed next to the meter and a room temperature sensor in the living room.

The control switch communicates with a single gateway installed within your building. This gateway then communicates through a secure network to Connected Response's cloud-based server.

Each household is charged according to a combination of three parameters:

  • When do you want to be warm.
  • What is the local weather forecast for tomorrow.
  • What is your actual room temperature.

The system also adjusts heater charging to match local and national renewable energy sources.

How to get the most out of your new controls? 

Firstly, book an appointment to have the new heating controls installed and discuss with Connected Response the settings for your new controls.

The new switches will work best with smart meters, and we would recommend speaking to your electricity provider about different tariffs, such as the Economy 10, which will give you an afternoon charge for your storage heaters and any other electricity you use during this window.  

Contact details

If you have any questions or any problems relating to the controls, please contact Connected Response:

Tel: 0800 246 5561

If you your storage heaters or water tank is not working, please contact or Repairs Team:

Telephone: 01389 738220 or 0800 073 8708

Out of Hours:  0800 197 1004


If you have any general enquiries, please contact our Housing Strategy Team: