What can you do currently to prepare for your wedding?

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Take this time to really think of all the little details that you want in your wedding and why not even take the chance to create some special DIY items for the day! There is so many things that you can do for your wedding at home which will keep you busy, from creating your invites to creating your table favours. If you feel like you are prepared when it comes to your wedding day, and haven’t yet had your Hen/Stag do, why not make a start on organising that instead? Or your Honeymoon? Having something to do and plan will help you feel energised and productive.


Keeping yourself busy during these times is important to cure boredom as well as keeping your mental health in check. Here are some activities that can be done from home for your wedding:

  • Email all relevant people who are involved in your wedding such as your venue, entertainment, caterers, florists, hair and makeup artists, registrars, photographer etc, and find out what is happening and what they can suggest moving forward.
  • Have a think of things that you can plan at home, for example;

         Music playlists

         Table plans and seating


         Possible thank you cards to all your guests for after your wedding

         Guest books etc.

  • Why don’t you make a Pinterest and research all things wedding related! Pinterest is a great platform to get all your wedding inspiration, you can create a board and collect various photos and build a mood board of what you vision your wedding to be like, it is also really good for tips and tricks!
  • Have a look at some wedding inspired websites and blogs, this way you can read about other people’s experiences and it might help and give you ideas of different things you can do for your wedding, one of our favourites is www.Brawbrides.com.
  • DIY pieces, is there anything that you can do for your wedding on your own? Wedding favours or table pieces? Why not have a look at our own Clydebank Town Hall DIY blog for tips and tricks as well as ideas on what you could DIY at your wedding. Try and get most of these things online so they can be delivered, so there should be no need to leave your home to buy these things.

favouritesnotepad and pencilflowers and scissorsClydebank Town Hall

During these hard times, we need to try our best and keep spirits up, here is a few positive outcomes to remember; 

  • You will have more time to perfect your big day and get it exactly the way you want it, you wont feel rushed or stressed about the smallest things, as you will have time to get these right.
  • If postponed or cancelled and you have had to move your date, the possibility of people who couldn’t make your wedding originally, might now be able too.
  • By you postponing/cancelling your wedding, you are making sure everyone is taking their part by staying home to stop the spread of the virus and to save our NHS, this will make your big day so much more special knowing that you have done your part in fighting Covid- 19.

During these uncertain times it is important to read and get as much advice and information as possible so you are clued up on what is ahead. If you have a wedding booked with Clydebank Town Hall please do not hesitate to contact our wedding planners to chat about what is next for your big day.


Stay safe, Stay home and Keep dreaming of your magical day!