We are delighted to introduce our Board of Trustees. Please view the names below to find out further information about that trustee.

  1. David McBride
  2. David Smith
  3. David Marshall
  4. Tony Waclawski
  5. Charlie Gibson
  6. Tony Dempster
  7. Gordon Scanlan
  8. Clare Steel
  9. David McCowan

4. Tony Waclawski

Independent Director

Tony Waclawski 2

Tony enjoyed a long career in education in Glasgow, from 1975 until retirement in August 2011. Tony served as a teacher of Biology, and principal teacher of Biology in secondary schools until 1999. During this time he also taught health education and human biology courses. After this, he became Development Officer in health education, then Adviser / Quality Improvement Officer in Health and Wellbeing, and Physical Education in Glasgow. During this time, Tony was responsible for the development of 'health promoting schools' in Glasgow.

Tony has always been a keen participant in sport and leisure pursuits. His current interests include running, skiing, walking, music, photography, and, home improvements. 

The role of director of the Leisure Trust provides Tony with a great opportunity to further his interest and involvement in health and wellbeing, by playing his part in the development of the trust as the main organisation for the promotion of health and wellbeing of the people of West Dunbartonshire.