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Joint Rent Group 

The Joint Rent Group was set up to assess how well the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) meets Government Guidance and delivers value for money for tenants.

The Joint Rent Group meet on the first Thursday of each month at 1pm. If you would like to get involved please contact Jane Mack on 01389 737281, 0798 354 2993 or by email to

2019 Meeting Notes

Thurs 10 January 2019

Thurs 21 February 2019

2018 Meeting Notes

Wed 14 November 2018

Wed 24 October 2018

Fri  12 October 2018

Thur 25 January 2018

Mon 12 March 2018

Mon 5 April 2018

Thur 3 May 2018

Thur 7 June 2018

Thur 2 August 2018


2017 Meeting Notes

Mon 9 October 2017

Mon 11 December 2017

Tues 17 January 2017

Tues 14 March 2017

Tues 18 April 2017

Tues 13 June 2017

Tues 15 August 2017

Tues 12 September 2017

2016 Meeting Notes


Financial transparency is important for staff managing services to know what their service costs are to improve efficiencies. It’s equally important to tenants to ensure that for their rent money, they are getting the best service possible.

The Scottish Housing Network provided some training for the group on the HRA Guidance and also on carrying out a self assessment of a HRA to help participants understand this complex area of Housing finance.

The outcomes from the self-assessment of the HRA will also have an impact on how we carry out next year rent consultation, and help identify where tenants need to be more involved in the decision making that has a direct impact on factors that affect the level rents are set at.

There are 6 tenant volunteers on the Joint Rent Group who are all active members of Tenant & Resident Associations and in particular the WDTRO, which is the umbrella organisation for groups and they will share information from the Joint Rent Group with their own groups.  We are also committed to ensure all tenants can keep up to date with progress on the work of the group, and will keep this section up dated with meeting notes and information.    

The HRA Guidance (PDF 1479KB) provides tenants with a valuable tool as sets out clearly the key principles that HRA’s should follow.  

We have continued to improve the transparency around how the HRA is spent and this methodology sets out how costs are calculated.