Housing Advice For Armed Forces Clients

Our Homelessness and Housing Options Service provides high quality professional housing advice, and you will find Housing Options and Homelessness Officers here who can help you plan for life outside the military environment, where housing is a key need. We can provide assistance for those whose military service has resulted in a need for additional support or for a specific adaptation to your home.

Details on applying for housing in West Dunbartonshire Council can be found on the Tenancy and Allocations pages.

Our officers provide personalised housing options suited to your needs.  Further detail is available on the housing options page.  As well as looking at housing solutions, it also offers information and links to other services, which could impact on your housing options, such as the Welfare Rights Hub, employment and training, and support services etc.

To make a housing options appointment please contact the Team offices for appointments between 9.30am and 4.30pm.  Current contact information is available on the Housing options and Homeless page.

There are also a number of Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in West Dunbartonshire Council, who can provide housing opportunities. Each RSL has its own individual allocations policy and points system, although most are based on a needs assessment. They provide varying types of accommodation from mainstream housing to amenity and sheltered housing.

Some of the RSL also offer shared equity properties to purchase, further information is available on the low cost home ownership page.  

Contact details and more information on how to apply to any of the RSL’s in West Dunbartonshire is available on the Housing Associations page

Private rented accommodation is another option for housing, and properties can be found advertised in a variety of places including the internet, local letting agents and the local press. The Council has a number of initiatives designed to assist people to access accommodation in this sector. People on low incomes are usually entitled to receive Local Housing Allowance to help them pay the rent. It is important to note that the level of allowance may not pay the rent in full. You will normally have to pay an upfront deposit that is equivalent to a month’s rent. West Dunbartonshire Council operates a “Help to Rent” Scheme.  The main role of Help to Rent West Dunbartonshire is to help a prospective private tenant with a deposit they may require. Private renting is a good option if you are looking for somewhere to stay quickly, in a particular area or property type or are looking for somewhere that is furnished.

Veterans Housing Scotland Partnership

West Dunbartonshire Council have a nomination agreement in place with Veterans Housing Scotland for up to two properties on a permanent basis each year for a veteran household.

Veterans Housing Scotland is an Edinburgh-based charity that provides homes for disabled veterans across Scotland. They are keen to work with local authorities and social landlords to secure more homes for the veteran tenants they support, typically those experiencing mental or physical challenges as a result of their service. The charity has 650 homes across Scotland including eight within West Dunbartonshire.

West Dunbartonshire Council will work with the Veterans Housing Scotland Support Team to identify locations for two properties per year.  Thereafter, these properties will be advertised on the Veterans Housing Scotland website highlighting the partnership. Eligible households will be invited to make an initial application to Veterans Housing Scotland and complete a housing application to WDC. If they are approved following their application an offer of housing will be made.

These households will then be supported in that property by Veterans Housing Scotland Visiting Officers alongside our own Council staff. This new approach will increase housing options for veteran households who may otherwise be experiencing homelessness.

For more information and to make an initial application visit the Veterans Housing Scotland website

Housing supported by ex-Service charities

There are a number of charities across Scotland that provide housing for ex-Service personnel and their families.

All of the ex-Service charities are members of Veterans Scotland. More details are available on the Veterans Scotland website.

Scottish Veterans Residence provide accommodation in Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow.  

Housing Options Scotland have a specialist unit for veterans to assist you to find suitable housing.

To get full details and the criteria required to apply for veteran houses please contact The Scottish Veterans Garden City Association (Inc), details are below;  

The Scottish Veterans Garden City Association (Inc), New Haig House, Edinburgh, EH7 4HQ, 

Telephone Number 0131 557 1188 

Email Address: mail@vgca.org.uk

Welfare Advice

If you find yourself having left any armed forces and not gained employment or been unable to and are struggling financially then our benefits and advice section can assist.  If you are of working age, the range of benefits open to you are detailed on the Benefits for Working age adults page.

Armed Forces Independence Payment

If you have been seriously injured whilst serving in the Armed Forces since April 2005, you may qualify for Armed Forces Independence Payment.

Disability Living Allowance is currently being replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for working age people.  Armed Forces Independence Payment is an alternative benefit to PIP for Service personnel and Veterans who have been seriously injured during military service since April 2005.

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment is not taxable, non means-tested and is payable anywhere in the world.
  • It is awarded for life, not subject to review or further medical assessments and will not be stopped if you are admitted to hospital, a care home or prison.
  • If you choose to claim Armed Forces Independence Payment, then you will not be able to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Attendance Allowance at the same time. However, if you choose not to apply for Armed Forces Independence Payment, or if you are not eligible for it, there is nothing to stop you applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Attendance Allowance.

Who is eligible for payments?

Only people receiving a Guaranteed Income Payment of 50% or more through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme will be eligible for the payments.

How to claim

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) will automatically send you a claim form if they think you are eligible.

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund is a new service provided by councils from 1 April 2013.  It replaces the discretionary Social Fund provided by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The Scottish Welfare Fund will offer 2 new grants; crisis grant or a community care grant


If you have recently left the Armed Forces and are looking for employment or unsure what your next step is, our Working4U Service can help.  Details on the training and assistance that they can offer is available on the Working 4 U Work section.   They can also connect you to other services to help you take your next step.

The DWP have dedicated armed forces employment champions, there are two within West Dunbartonshire Council; one in Clydebank and one in Dumbarton. 

The Royal British Legion also have employment support services who can assist with the transition to civilian life.

Poppyscotland help with employment also offer a range of assistance including employment support grants.

Health & Care Information

NHS 24 for further information and contact numbers will also provide information on different services in West Dunbartonshire Council, you can also find information on the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde website.

There is help and support available from adult social services in West Dunbartonshire.

Erskine Hospitals

Erskine Hospitals have been providing care for Veterans since 1916 including rehabilitation, nursing and dementia care in homes throughout Scotland. There are five Erskine homes in Scotland.

Tel: 0141 812 1100


Poppyscotland offer assistance even if your disability wasn’t caused by your Service. If you are limited in your daily activities because of a health problem or disability, they can arrange for an occupational therapist to visit. Then, following their recommendations, they may be able to assist to fund the mobility aid best suited to your circumstance, from a motorised scooter to the installation of hand rails around your home.

Tel: 0131 550 1557

Unforgotten Forces

Unforgotten Forces is a partnership between 15 leading organisations which will deliver a range of new services and enhancements in areas including advice, access to healthcare, social isolation, respite, along with creative activities and events for those in care settings.  Poppyscotland is the lead partner co-ordinating the consortium.

Forces project is Age Scotland and they have produced lots of information and advise.

Information on mental health services available in West Dunbartonshire is available on the Mental Health pages.


If you are new to the area and are looking for more information on the schools available in West Dunbartonshire, you can find details on the Education and Learning pages.

If you already know the school you want your children to go to you can also find out what the catchment area is for the school.  This could help you select the areas you would considered being housed in.

General Information and Support

West Dunbartonshire Council have an Armed Forces information section which provides further details on the area and support organisations.