West Dunbartonshire Council has legal duties to people who are homeless or about to be.

It is your right to present as homeless.  If you do, West Dunbartonshire Council has a duty to:

  • Assess your homelessness
  • Provide free advice and information
  • If homeless, provide you with temporary accommodation for a reasonable period of time
  • Find you permanent accommodation if you are unintentionally homeless and have a local connection
  • Assist you to find permanent accommodation by providing free advice if you are intentionally homeless
  • Contact the local authority you have a connection with and refer you to them if you wish if you do not have a local connection, if you are from out with Scotland.

During the homeless interview you have the right:

  • to be interviewed by a man or a woman
  • to have a friend or adviser present with you for support
  • to an interpreter if required
  • to a sign language in interpreter if required

If you have had a homeless assessment and are not happy with your decision you have the right to appeal.