Homelessness can happen to anyone and can often be prevented if advice and assistance is provided at an early stage.  Where homelessness cannot be prevented, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the harmful effects.

If you think you are homeless, or about to be homeless, you should contact Homelessness Services for advice and assistance.

The law states that you are homeless if you do not have accommodation available to you where you can live with anyone who normally resides with you.

You are about to be homeless, or in legal terms, threatened with homelessness, if you could lose your accommodation within 2 months.  In fact, people approach Homelessness Services for many reasons and from a wide range of circumstances.

You can be homeless if:

  • you have nowhere to stay
  • you are living temporarily with friends or family
  • you have nowhere that you and your family can live together
  • you are at risk of abuse or threats
  • you are sleeping rough
  • your landlord has stopped you getting into your house
  • your house is a danger to your health
  • you are living with a partner but the relationship is breaking down
  • you are about to leave prison, armed forces or hospital and have nowhere to go

These are just some of the reasons that can make you homeless.

You are about to be homeless if:

  • have been asked to leave where you are living
  • have missed mortgage or rent payments
  • are having problems with neighbours or people in your area
  • are having problems with your landlord

If you are threatened with homeless we will try to prevent you from losing your home where possible

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, or if you are worried about your housing situation or are unsure if you are homeless, you should contact Homelessness Services and ask to speak to someone.