To provide power, the water from the burn was diverted into Mill Lade which flows into the Pond, previously known as High Dam.

A stream, now in the ornamental gardens, flowed from the Southwest corner of High Dam through the Works to a Low Dam which was situated where the railway is now. The buildings of the Upper Works stood between the two Dams.

There are 3 sluice gates which control the level of water into the pond.

The Dalmuir Park Illuminations began as part of the victory celebrations after winning WW2, with model ships built by John Brown & Co. being displayed in the pond, Thereafter, this became an annual event which continued to draw crowds.

The illuminations were a joint effort by John Brown & Co, Singer Manufacturing Co and the Council.

The path between the Lade and Duntocher Burn dates from the 18th Century.

People used to catch minnows and stickleback in the Lade, but these days the fish are scarcer.


Pond Illuminations

Feeding the Ducks

Birds of Dalmuir pond